Smart notes build on smart thinking and apps can help

David Sparks on research apps and what he calls the upcoming app revolution:

This influx of cross-linking, dynamic referencing, and the linkable chaos that these apps create feel, to me, like something entirely new, and that bell is not going to get unrung. Not only do I expect these apps to push further ahead with these tools, but I also anticipate other apps to develop in the same direction. A year from now, we are going to have some fantastic options.

The instagram aesthetic?

One year later: Is the instagram aesthetic over? Taylor Lorenz wrote the original article a year ago. In hindsight, is this the case?

On a related note, Tobias Van Schneider was reflecting recently on what will replace the now-considered-dead minimalistic aesthetic. His guess: a revitalized Art Deco.

What is a walk-n-talk?

Craig Mod:

A walk-n-talk works like this: gather 5-10 curious, kind, generous, patient, inspiring people and set a walking course through the countryside for a week, plus or minus a day or two. A week works well because it may take a day or two or three for people to open up, for the so-called “situational extroverts” to fully emerge from their shells, for the nerves and discomfort of jet lag or the walk itself to be quelled by a solid night’s sleep or carrying the right amount of water or taping up hot spots on the feet just so.

Sounds like a good time.