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  • Hallgrímskirkja, the icon of Reykjavik

    Look at images and graphics that portray Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Many of them, perhaps most, will contain Hallgrímskirkja. The most recent example I’ve found is this icon pack. On another note, it’s interesting how many of the icons depict religious buildings.

  • Slippurinn

    When I was a little boy you would find a number of ships being repaired at Slippurinn in Reykjavík. Today I saw one. What was once a paint store is now a hip and cool hotel where you can sip a coctail, look at the ships and enjoy the view of the city mountain Esja. The times they are […]

  • At the kindergarten

    We’ve been having a wonderful winter in Reykjavík so far and the city has been full of snow. I took this photo of my youngest daughter as I took her to kindergarten the other day. It was a Narnia-like experience to walk among the trees and take it all in.