Imagine the discussions

I had a chance to visit the city of Wittenberg, Germany, this week. The purpose was to meet with theologians from churches all over the world who are attending an LWF course on Luther’s theology. On my way from the train station I walked past the beautiful Lutherhaus, where Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora lived with their children.

Imagine the discussions that took place there in the 16th century, about church and theology, politics, society.

The reformer Marie Dentière

On each side of the Reformation Wall monument in Geneva there are stones bearing the names of Luther and Zwingli, two leaders of the Reformation in Europe. On the block where Zwingli’s name is carved we find another name, that of Marie Dentière. She was one of the women of the Reformation, a theologian who played an active role in religion and politics in Geneva. Dentière preached regularly and advocated for the role of women in religious practice.

Another angle