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  • One reason to care rather than a hundred reasons to buy

    Bernadette Jiwa is a queen of storytelling. I’ve been reading her book Make your idea matter which is collection of short chapters on storytelling. I find it quite inspiring for my own thinking on how to communicate ideas and organizations. In one chapter she offers six questions to spark a discussion on ”brand relevance” which […]

  • Andri Magnason On Time and Water

    On Time and Water by Andri Magnason is one of the best books of the year. A book length meditation on climate change, glaciers, family relations and the times of our lives and loves. I hope the English translation is out soon. This book deserves and needs a global audience.

  • Reading like dieting

    What does your reading diet look like? Parrish advocates approaching reading material with the same uber-consciousness we approach our diet these days. Where is this sourced from? Can I trust that it’s high quality? Will putting it in my body (or brain, really) be good for me? Shane Parrish

  • Read books, mostly printed, remember to digest

    I remember reading Michael Pollan’s advice about eating. The tl;dr version goes something like this: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” During lent I’ve been wondering how to translate this into reading, but I guess it’s a combination of the books you choose to read, how you read them (slow down, don’t skim) and […]