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  • Sun in the sky

    Sun in the sky

    The Pâquis neighbourhood in Geneva is lively, bringing together people and food from around the world. It is also home to two of the best ice cream shops in Geneva. The name comes from a French word that means pasture, because once upon a time this area was actually outside of the city.

  • Ecumenical blossoms

    The tree in the garden behind the Ecumenical Centre a beautiful shade of purple, a reminder of spring that is past and summer that is almost here. 

  • Photowalk

  • Walk, don’t run

    Life at the airport can be quite hectic. 157/365 https://flic.kr/p/JhU2WX

  • It’s cold outside

    La bise. The cold wind from the north, cooling everything. Three days to endure. Three more. Then it’s over, we hope. Until then: baby, it’s really cold outside. 58/365 https://flic.kr/p/24EY9LG

  • The reformer Marie Dentière

    On each side of the Reformation Wall monument in Geneva there are stones bearing the names of Luther and Zwingli, two leaders of the Reformation in Europe. On the block where Zwingli’s name is carved we find another name, that of Marie Dentière. She was one of the women of the Reformation, a theologian who played […]