Which is more respected, TV or bicycle? It depends on the audience

When Dutch bicycle manufacturer Vanmoff put a drawing of a TV on the boxes used to ship their bikes to the US shipping damages dropped by 70-80%. True story.

This is a good example of how communication can change behaviour.


Effort and beauty

112/365 The village
Our effort was awarded with this beautiful view.

We set off from one village, cycling onwards and upwards. One kilometer. Two kilometers. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. After ten kilometers we were rewarded with this beautiful view.

Effort and beauty.

That’s what defined our day.


Five minutes on the bike

69/365 Saleve sideways

Five minutes on the bike and I’m in the countryside. Forty minutes more and I have this beautiful view of the Saleve. Completely different from what I see from the living room window, still beautiful. Reminds me that I need to cycle up there. Perhaps this summer.

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