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  • Write first. Edit second

    Thomas Kemeny: I used to have trouble doing long copy because I’d get stuck in the structure of it, trying to land the ad perfectly from the very beginning. Logic and order come more in the editing than the writing. Treat long copy like a piece of documentary footage; you gather a bunch of content […]

  • Which is more respected, TV or bicycle? It depends on the audience

    When Dutch bicycle manufacturer Vanmoff put a drawing of a TV on the boxes used to ship their bikes to the US shipping damages dropped by 70-80%. True story. This is a good example of how communication can change behaviour.

  • Rethink

    Om Malik: Maybe it is time for platforms to rethink the idea of engagement, purely from the point of view of conversations and communication. In a weird sort of way, the Snapchat streaks are a perfect encapsulation of an engagement dynamic, which cannot be monetized but is just a non-verbal, non-textual conversation between a small […]

  • Journalism should build bridges

    Journalist and professor Jeff Jarvis on storytelling, explanations and a need to revisit definitions of journalism. Less focus on simplifying, more on interdisciplinary approaches, and building bridges: “Journalism requires a different starting point: not getting and writing stories to fill a Gutenberg-era product called a publication, not convincing ourselves and our public that we can […]

  • Communities of practice

    Communities of Practice (CoP) are “groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” This learning that takes place is not necessarily intentional. Three components are required in order to be a CoP: (1) the domain, (2) the community, […]