Tag: climate justice

  • Unfiltered, off balance

    The photos are unfiltered, but the white balance is off. The Atlantic’s Ian Bogost on why photos of the sky during the California wildfires look less intimidating than the reality on the ground. Also, while the photos may be washed out, the climate crisis is real.

  • Andri Magnason On Time and Water

    On Time and Water by Andri Magnason is one of the best books of the year. A book length meditation on climate change, glaciers, family relations and the times of our lives and loves. I hope the English translation is out soon. This book deserves and needs a global audience.

  • How to talk to your kids about climate change

    Six tips from NPR, including a script: “Humans are burning lots and lots of fossil fuels for energy, in planes, in cars, to light our houses, and that’s putting greenhouse gases into the air. Those gases wrap around the planet like a blanket and make everything hotter. A hotter planet means bigger storms, it melts […]

  • It’s intergenerational justice

    The youth-led climate movement will not be ignored write Jay Inslee, Varshini Prakash: Last month’s strikes felt both exhilarating and heartbreaking. It’s deeply saddening that children must fight tooth and nail to force elected leaders to care about their future. But the strikes also showcased all the progress we’ve made in just a few short […]

  • 8 1/2 minutes on saving our planet

    David Attenborough has a plan in four parts on how to save our planet. These 8 1/2 minutes are well spent.

  • Climate change needs to be in the curriculum, climate justice needs to be on the agenda

    NPR has eight suggestions on how to educate children about climate change and its effects in the classroom. They range from lab projects, to using films and novels. This topic definitely needs to be on the curriculum. At the same time, it seems to me that young activists are taking the lead in informing adults […]