Retro Christmas

In Aosta, Italy, we happened to pass by a small shop selling lights and chandeliers. They had this set of Christmas lights from the 1960s, 35 bulbs in various colours that now decorate our home. Retro meets modern. Only 27,50 EUR for you my friend

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The reformer Marie Dentière

On each side of the Reformation Wall monument in Geneva there are stones bearing the names of Luther and Zwingli, two leaders of the Reformation in Europe. On the block where Zwingli’s name is carved we find another name, that of Marie Dentière. She was one of the women of the Reformation, a theologian who played an active role in religion and politics in Geneva. Dentière preached regularly and advocated for the role of women in religious practice.

Another angle


Women’s March in Geneva

This morning we marched with the women and men of Geneva to raise awareness and fight for gender justice and equality. A group from our local Lutheran church was there with this nice sign in French.

Christmas on the ground 

Cycling in Appenzell I came upon this minimal Christmas decoration on the ground. Today it is covered in snow and can no longer be seen. Tomorrow is the last day of Christmas. Winter has arrived.

Winter, wonder

Cycling through Appenzell hills, close to the town of Grub, in a winter wonderland. As you see from the photo the snow is lacking but the frost will convince you that winter has indeed come. A few minutes earlier we saw a sea of fog that was then replaced by this.