• Today we celebrated the birthday of the six year old. The cake pictured above was baked for the occasion. It was then jointly decorated by mother and daughter and quickly consumed by friends. We recommend this as a delicious way of celebrating a birthday and are of course willing to share the recipe.



  • Food from a French supermarket on the last day of Christmas. For some, eggs are the staple of a good diet. Some of these might make their way into a Simple Cheese Omelette, which is good at all hours: as breakfast, lunch or a light dinner.



  • All over Geneva you can see small signs like the one above, indicating that there are cables below. Electricity, internet, telephone, water is around us.

    I wonder if the signs are more durable than the cables.



  • We were at Zurich airport this morning, accompanying travelers from Iceland who were returning after spending Christmas in Switzerland. For that reason, I suppose it was fitting to observe staff disassemble a Christmas tree at the airport.

    There are, however, still a few more days of Christmas, but it seems that some are ready to move on.



  • The Museum of Natural History is one of the gems of Geneva. Free admission to get to know wild and domestic animals from around the world. Collected for a long time, smartly displayed, and sparking the curiosity of the children.

    We saw these colorful parrots. Numbered so visitors can reach about each and every one.



  • Tea and coffee. Instant and slow.

    This is a set I brought from Iceland which lends itself to slow tea drinking, where exotic leaves are stepped four or five times in water to brew excellent tea you drink in a few sips before moving on with your day. I found it fitting as we began watching the second season of The Crown.

    After all the English are known for liking their tea.



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