• “There are no rules to blogging except this one: always self-host your website because your URL, your own private domain, is the most valuable thing you can own. Your career will thank you for it later and no-one can take it away. But don’t wait up for success to come, it’s going to be a slog—there will be years before you see any benefit. But slowly, with enough momentum behind it, your blog will show you the world: there will be distant new friends, new enemies, whole continents might open up and welcome themselves to you.”

    Robin Rendle: Take care of your blog

    (Via Om)


  • Type 1 fun is enjoyable while it’s happening. Also known as, simply, fun. Good food, 5.8 hand cracks. Sport climbing, powder skiing, margaritas.


    Sometimes that is exactly what you need.


  • Every generation has its challenge. Climate change has been put on the agenda of the generation of my children and the daughter of Andri Snær Magnason who poses the question in the video below. They will have to solve it.

    To do that they will have to be revolutionary. Because, honestly, it sure seems that those who have come before them are not getting the job done.


  • A few shots from the cycling route 59 in Switzerland which connects Valais and the Fribourg area. Across several mountain passes, through remote valleys, there are beautiful views at every turn. At the turn of the seasons the colors are just amazing. Well worth investing a day or two if you happen to be in the country and like cycling.

  • A new version of The Verge launched earlier this week. At its heart the site is now a blog which mixes longform and shortform content with links. Kind of like an old-school blog with asides. I like it a lot. The Nieman Lab reports about it and quotes Verge editor Nilay Patel:

    “One of my biggest goals — the big number that I’m looking at — is how much traffic we send out. I think we will be a huge success if we are sending a meaningful amount of traffic to other people,” Patel said. “Because that relationship between publishers and platforms has gotten totally out of whack.”


  • Robyn Davidson interviews Ned Boulting for Cyclist magazine. This stuck out:

    Are we in a golden age of cycling?

    Wholeheartedly. Almost across the board, I think everything has changed unanimously for the better.

    It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve had to reflect on this since commentating on the Tour de France, and I stick by my assertion in the cold light of day that Wout van Aert‘s ride at the Tour de France is not only emblematic of new racing, it’s an absolute flag bearer for new racing. It could well be the greatest ride in the history of the Tour de France. By any rider.

    Boulting is a favorite commentator on cycling and his podcast Never Strays Far with David Millar and Pete Kennaugh is a must-listen.


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