• A new version of The Verge launched earlier this week. At its heart the site is now a blog which mixes longform and shortform content with links. Kind of like an old-school blog with asides. I like it a lot. The Nieman Lab reports about it and quotes Verge editor Nilay Patel:

    “One of my biggest goals — the big number that I’m looking at — is how much traffic we send out. I think we will be a huge success if we are sending a meaningful amount of traffic to other people,” Patel said. “Because that relationship between publishers and platforms has gotten totally out of whack.”


  • Robyn Davidson interviews Ned Boulting for Cyclist magazine. This stuck out:

    Are we in a golden age of cycling?

    Wholeheartedly. Almost across the board, I think everything has changed unanimously for the better.

    It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve had to reflect on this since commentating on the Tour de France, and I stick by my assertion in the cold light of day that Wout van Aert‘s ride at the Tour de France is not only emblematic of new racing, it’s an absolute flag bearer for new racing. It could well be the greatest ride in the history of the Tour de France. By any rider.

    Boulting is a favorite commentator on cycling and his podcast Never Strays Far with David Millar and Pete Kennaugh is a must-listen.


  • As an enthusiast about regular human propelled bicycles I find myself quite moved by Craig Mod’s ode to ebikes.

    I’ve long since posited world peace could be achieved if you bought everyone in the world a bike, but now I want those bikes to be electric. I want everyone to feel this silliness, this punch-drunk stupidity of pure love, this sense of cheating the rules, the norms, this sense of ever-present delight.

  • Closer

    The route to Col des Joux Plane took me closer and closer to the snow-capped queen of the Alps: Mont Blanc. This is a tough ride on a bike but what a reward for your efforts.

    On this day I cycled through Morzine and saw many cyclists, most on full suspension mountain bikes, enjoying a ski resort in full summer mode.

  • Cobbles

    The cobbled sections of Gotthardpass are beautiful and brutal on the legs. Give me smooth tarmac any day. Or not.


  • A smartphone, a light, an assistant and five minutes of filming before you take the first bite. A food critic observed a food critic.

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