• Holiday season is upon us and that means a new playlist of good and not so good Christmas movies. I’ll document some highlights here. This will be a post in progress until Christmas.

    22 NovemberFalling for Christmas (2022)**
    24 NovemberChristmas with you (2022)***
    25 NovemberReturn to Christmas Creek (2018)**
    25 NovemberThe Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022)****
    26 November12 Gifts of Christmas (2015)**
    27 NovemberChristmas Made to Order (2018)*


  • During holiday season Netflix meets Hallmark and Falling for Christmas (2022) is a good example of that. This is a tale of two skiing lodges: a fancy one, an authentic one. There are undertones of It’s a Wonderful Life but without the excellent script, acting and direction of that movie.

    Falling for Christmas tells a story of a sympathetic business owner, loved by many, but not so good at business. So far, so good. There’s also a spoiled young woman who sees the error of her life and finds love and meaning in her life. It’s worth 90 minutes of your time, but maybe not much more.

    • Seen: 22 November
    • Rating: 2 gingerbread cookies

  • Twitter has been in a state of disarray for a couple of weeks following the takeover of a certain someone. Disinformation is spreading and there are worries about moderation, hate speech and the overall future of the platform.

    Some people have called for organizations like the UN to leave Twitter. Melissa Fleming explains why the UN remains on Twitter, which comes down to addressing disinformation and speaking up for truth.

    But the UN is still there, along with other institutions and media whose job involves sharing sane, fact-based, and life-saving information with the world. […]

    Those who care about free speech and democracy need to do more, not less, to stop harmful lies spreading online. Platforms need a more robust and transparent system of moderation, one that frees the digital public square of hate speech, disinformation, incitement to violence or child abuse. One that puts protecting human rights front and center. […]

    The answer isn’t to leave these spaces. That only helps the minority hellbent on causing harm. Fewer voices for good only makes hateful views appear more widespread and mainstream than they are. Instead, we will redouble our efforts, raise our voices louder, […]

    We will stay on social media as a source of trusted life-saving information and inspiration to our millions of followers. We will stay to stand up for science, civility, and all those striving for a better world.

    Melissa Fleming

    Stay and stand up for truth and hope. I agree completely.


  • A few days in Paris with the WACC Europe board, discussing communication and Justice. Great group of experts who have been working on projects related to media analysis and advocacy.


  • Sunrise at Lac Leman can be quite beautiful. Often the only thing is to pause the commute and take it in. Sometimes, I also take a photo.


  • Tomorrow is tomorrow. Over there is over there. And here and now is not a bad place and time to be, especially when so much of the unknown is beautiful.

    Ryka Aoki: Light from Uncommon Stars

    A hopeful view of now and future.


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