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  • Three lakes and a view

    A short and beautiful loop from Col de la Croix. Just over 12 kilometers with about 400m of elevation gain. Beautiful fields, lots of cows, three lakes and plenty of hikers out to enjoy the last days of summer. Autumn is almost upon us. Mid-way there was Lac de Chavanne, a crisp mountain lake at […]

  • The stories of a humanitarian

    Bobby Waddell shares a story from Haiti, some years ago: It was in Port-au-Prince that he and a couple of colleagues were held up by two youths with guns demanding the keys of their car as they left the Holiday Inn Hotel. When Waddell threw the keys to the ground, one of the gunmen fired […]

  • How Pfizer makes its vaccine

    The New York Times explains. It involves bacteria producing loops of DNA, transcription into strands of mRNA, quality control at every stage. A year ago I’d have expected to read this in a science fiction novel. Today, in The NY Times. Fascinating. Also important, because until all are safe. No one is.