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  • Blog, slog

    “There are no rules to blogging except this one: always self-host your website because your URL, your own private domain, is the most valuable thing you can own. Your career will thank you for it later and no-one can take it away. But don’t wait up for success to come, it’s going to be a […]

  • “Enjoyable while it’s happening”

    Type 1 fun is enjoyable while it’s happening. Also known as, simply, fun. Good food, 5.8 hand cracks. Sport climbing, powder skiing, margaritas. REI Sometimes that is exactly what you need.

  • “So, is my generation born too late?“

    Every generation has its challenge. Climate change has been put on the agenda of the generation of my children and the daughter of Andri Snær Magnason who poses the question in the video below. They will have to solve it. To do that they will have to be revolutionary. Because, honestly, it sure seems that […]