Category: Geneva

  • On my way!


  • Morning, lake

    A drive across the Mont Blanc bridge as the sun rose and bathed Lac Leman in golden hues. 212/36

  • A view from the bridge


  • Sun shining on the runner

    The early morning sun shine on the runner and the cyclist who made their way along the lake this morning. 205/365

  • Work in progress

    ILO renovation is ongoing. 190/365

  • Stylish

    We spent a lovely day with cyclists in the Geneva Styleride. Beautiful dresses, bikes, bow ties and Brooks saddles all around. 189/365

  • Towering tower

    Top of the Saleve. Great view. 186/365

  • Rivers, veins

    Today I visited an art exhibition with my colleague Chad. Here we see Ásta, the curator, explaining one of the works. Art meets theology, both dealing with the same subject: sustainability and creation. Quite inspiring. 184/365

  • Life at the lake

    Sit and look at the waves. Repeat as needed. 176/365

  • Quick look

    If you are quick, a tram with shiny and clean windows can offer a chance for a quick look at you and your companions. 175/365

  • A blustery day

    The bise is blowing in Geneva. It’s a blustery day. 173/365

  • The day before the day

    Early morning in the Ecumenical Centre. The communications team is preparing for the visit of Pope Francis. 171/365