Category: Family

  • Among the trees

    Making her way among the trees, secured with a cable, being brave. 210/365

  • Joyful at dusk

    What would you like to do before heading off? I’d like to go to the Saleve to enjoy the view of Geneva. Smart girl. 207/365

  • Húh!

    Ready for the Iceland-Argentina game this afternoon. Guess which team she supports? Need a hint? Húh! 167/365

  • Pit stop

    Today was a cycling day for young and old. 84/365

  • A view

    Take the cable car to the top. Ski. Repeat as needed. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view. 55/365

  • The rise and fall of a piñata

    There is something joyful and sad about a colorful piñata, filled with candy. In the past piñatas were used for catechism, to teach about faith. They have mostly lost religious connotations and significance today, but remain popular in various celebrations. This one definitely made the children happy. 13/365

  • Time for tea

    Tea and coffee. Instant and slow. This is a set I brought from Iceland which lends itself to slow tea drinking, where exotic leaves are stepped four or five times in water to brew excellent tea you drink in a few sips before moving on with your day. I found it fitting as we began […]