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  • Sunday photo: The prize

    A Sunday morning in September. I set off from home to ride the Tour de Canton a Gravel. A ride around the Canton of Geneva on gravel paths with a bit of singletrack thrown i the mix. I think I had seen every part of the route, but never from the perspective of the day. […]

  • Sunday photo: The view from Les Avants

    It was a beautiful, sunny day. After taking the train to Palezieux I rode up to Les Paccots to start the second leg of a trip begun in May. On that daywe rode from Bulle to Les Paccots on a mountain bike track. There was still some snow so it turned into a hike-and-bike adventure […]

  • The flat and the photographer

    Riding on a gravel path on a roadbike with smooth tires can lead to a flat tire. When my friend and riding partner David had a flat yesterday he was both a mechanic and a model.

  • Around the canton


  • The view


  • B for bike, C for cactus

    A brief pit stop, admiring the local vegetation. 222/365

  • Cycling home


  • Replacement?

    Brake pads examined. Replacement imminent. But not today. 206/365

  • Sun shining on the runner

    The early morning sun shine on the runner and the cyclist who made their way along the lake this morning. 205/365

  • Fourth day: to Yverdon

    Good morning coffee can make the rest of the day even better. This morning we prepared Turkish coffee on an ibrik close to a beautiful castle by Lac Neuchâtel. 204/365

  • Third day: to Chevroux

    Cycling from Bielersee to Lac Neuchâtel took us from German speaking to French speaking Switzerland. Along the way we stopped at a church, because Sunday, to fill our bidons with water. Perhaps holy. 203/365

  • Second day: to Solothurn

    All day we cycled along the Aare river, crossing it several times before we reached our destination: Solothurn. 202/365