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  • Sunday photo: The prize

    A Sunday morning in September. I set off from home to ride the Tour de Canton a Gravel. A ride around the Canton of Geneva on gravel paths with a bit of singletrack thrown i the mix. I think I had seen every part of the route, but never from the perspective of the day. […]

  • Sunday photo: The view from Les Avants

    It was a beautiful, sunny day. After taking the train to Palezieux I rode up to Les Paccots to start the second leg of a trip begun in May. On that daywe rode from Bulle to Les Paccots on a mountain bike track. There was still some snow so it turned into a hike-and-bike adventure […]

  • The flat and the photographer

    Riding on a gravel path on a roadbike with smooth tires can lead to a flat tire. When my friend and riding partner David had a flat yesterday he was both a mechanic and a model.

  • 366 days

    366 days

    Twenty twenty is a leap year so this time it’s not 365 but rather 366 days of photos. It truly is a great way to remember your year.

  • The lights

    The lights

    Lighting the tree makes a tree from the lights at night.

  • Advent is colorful

    Christmas is decorations and trees. Christmas is lights and colors. Sometimes sharp and clear. Sometimes fussy and abstract.

  • Sun in the sky

    Sun in the sky

    The Pâquis neighbourhood in Geneva is lively, bringing together people and food from around the world. It is also home to two of the best ice cream shops in Geneva. The name comes from a French word that means pasture, because once upon a time this area was actually outside of the city.

  • Second life

    Second life

    One of the things we love about the city we live in are the second hand furniture shops. They get donations from the people of Geneva every day. Beautiful furniture that can have a second or third life. Our two favorite shops are run by the Catholics and the Protestants. This chandelier was bought in […]

  • Imagine the discussions

    Imagine the discussions

    Imagine the discussions that took place there in the 16th century, about church and theology, politics, society.

  • Three legs

    A chair with three legs on the square. Why? Because some people are missing a leg. Why? Because, landmines.

  • Mirror, mirror

  • Ecumenical blossoms

    The tree in the garden behind the Ecumenical Centre a beautiful shade of purple, a reminder of spring that is past and summer that is almost here.