Which wells do we draw from?

Nick Baines:

When life and its routines are disrupted or taken away, which wells do we draw from to sustain life and meaning? While everything changes above the surface and the shape of the future is uncertain, can we locate the underground streams that keep flowing anyway?

A good reflection on what it means to be Christian.

Church: Online, virtual, digital

John Dyer proposes helpful distinctions for speaking about church, face to face and online. First the tweet:

Then the blog post: What is an (online, virtual, broadcast, local) church? Some Helpful Distinctions.

As we venture into new territory, it’s good to have the distinctions clear.

God and the pandemic

James Martin writes:

In the end, the most honest answer to the question of why the Covid-19 virus is killing thousands of people, why infectious diseases ravage humanity and why there is suffering at all is: We donโ€™t know. For me, this is the most honest and accurate answer. One could also suggest how viruses are part of the natural world and in some way contribute to life, but this approach fails abjectly when speaking to someone who has lost a friend or loved one. An important question for the believer in times of suffering is this: Can you believe in a God that you donโ€™t understand?

But if the mystery of suffering is unanswerable, where can the believer go in times like this? For the Christian and perhaps even for others the answer is Jesus.

Where is God in a Pandemic?

Read the article, it’s worth it.