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  • Lego meets life

    Flickr recently had a competition which involved Lego. Many of the entries and winners are just amazing.

  • Sunday photo: La Chia in the snow

    Last winter I discovered snowshoeing. Step by step you make your way across a landscape covered in snow. Sometimes the sun is shining and you see far, sometimes you can hardly see what’s right in front of you because the fog is so thick.

    Switzerland has a number of marked snowshoeing routes. This particular route took us to the Buvette de la Chia. A little bit up, a little bit down, mostly without a view. The imagination made up for what was missing and created an eerie atmosphere. Halfway to our destination we came to the Buvette, had a chance to sit down and enjoy some hot chocolate and a sandwich.

    These are simply the best days. I can’t wait for snow.

    📷 Original photo

  • Sunday photo: A Christmas wreath with a twist

    I am married to a decoration genius who can transform mundane into magic. She knows I love cycling and during one advent in Reykjavík she created this beautiful Christmas wreath.

    An old bicycle wheel was put to good use as beautiful decoration on our house in Reykjavík. An expression of advent as the time when we wait for Christ and winter as the time we long to ride again in spring and summer.

    Original photo

  • Is your blog/website/page designed to last?

    Jeff Huang has some ideas on how to set up a website that is designed to last:

    So my proposal is seven unconventional guidelines in how we handle websites designed to be informative, to make them easy to maintain and preserve. The guiding intention is that the maintainer will try to keep the website up for at least 10 years, maybe even 20 or 30 years. These are not controversial views necessarily, but are aspirations that are not mainstream—a manifesto for a long-lasting website.

    Read his proposal to learn what the seven guidelines are.

  • Sunday photo: The Christmas market and its context

    COVID-19 is on the rise in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe. After a relatively stable summer and autumn, the number of new infections has increased exponentially. This means we will revert to what we have done before: distancing, masks, hygiene. Stay safe by staying away.

    Advent is also approaching. In Geneva is it marked by beautiful lights and decorations and Christmas market. This year Jardin Anglais is home to the largest market in the city, taking over from Parc de Bastion. It opened on Thursday last week.

    I have admired it from afar but not up close. I took this photo from across the lake. That’s probably distant enough. I’m sure it is also beautiful up close but I like seeing the market in context.

  • Don’t panic. But when do, here is some advice

    Derek Sivers shares a story and some advice about panic:

    I knocked on the teacher’s tank, pointed up, and went to the surface. Once above water, I ripped off my mask.

    The teacher came up and said, “What’s wrong?”

    I frantically said, “I don’t like this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t like it. I’m going home. I’ll see you later.”

    The teacher, Tobi, was so calm and peaceful. I’ll never forget this moment. He looked at me carefully for a few seconds then slowly said, “Look around. It’s a nice day. See those mountains over there? It’s beautiful here. Let’s just relax for a few minutes.”

    Read the whole story, a short quote doesn’t do it justice.