Category: Communication

  • One reason to care rather than a hundred reasons to buy

    Bernadette Jiwa is a queen of storytelling. I’ve been reading her book Make your idea matter which is collection of short chapters on storytelling. I find it quite inspiring for my own thinking on how to communicate ideas and organizations. In one chapter she offers six questions to spark a discussion on ”brand relevance” which […]

  • Plan vs Reality

    The Communications Dream vs the Communications Reality. Sometimes your plan works out exactly as you thought, sometimes it turns out differently. One vital issue: how did you manage to adjust to changes on the way. Because there will always be changes.

  • The pandemic of misinformation

    Matthew Ingram: The coronavirus has made fact-checking and filtering skills even more important, as trolls traffic in rumors about how drinking bleach or taking megadoses of vitamin C can cure the virus, or how the rollout of 5G cell network technology caused COVID-19 One tool for fighting the pandemic of misinformation is the Verification Handbook […]

  • Coronavirus: What should I share?

    In the coming weeks many of us will be following the coronavirus pandemic. What should we trust? What should we share? Om Malik’s has four principles: “Trust national and international health organizations.  Trust data from sources like Worldometer. It has updated information on cases, deaths, and other important details. When reading information from social media […]