Retro Christmas

In Aosta, Italy, we happened to pass by a small shop selling lights and chandeliers. They had this set of Christmas lights from the 1960s, 35 bulbs in various colours that now decorate our home. Retro meets modern. Only 27,50 EUR for you my friend

Christmas eve

Like a dream, this vision
as quieting as a lullaby,
silent as an Arctic night,
in which even a candle light burns bright.

Like a song, this vision,
bursting like stars in the sky,
refusing to be silenced by the questions, how and why,
God on high come down to us, dwelling in a manger.

Like a hope, this vision,
an end to the power of lies,
a truth tying us together as sisters and brothers,
a strong conviction that love will arise.

Like a child, this vision,
burning the boots of war in the fire,
requiring the reign of justice,
with many names: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace.

God with us,
held in a fathers arms,
quieted by a mother’s song,
haloed with expectant promise,
and for a moment, all is calm,
heavenly peace.
With shepherds and angels we draw near,
to cradle God,
who is here, with us,
now and forever.

This greeting opened the Christmas eve service on at the Geneva Evangelical Lutheran Church. It captures the meaning of that evening so well.

Merry Christmas ?