365days Geneva

A bullet, a cross

To take a spent shell casing, a sign of violence, and fashion a cross out of it, is a modern day example of turning swords into ploughshares.

This is such a cross.

A symbol of peace.

An expression of hope.


365days Finland Travel

Delight in the details

Today we visited one of the many churches in Helsinki: the Rock Church which is carved out of and placed into a large rock formation. This is a beautiful building, probably best experienced during worship.

We walked around, taking in the space, snapping a few photos. I also noticed the lights illuminating the church and took the photo above.

There is delight in the details.


365days Finland Travel

Helsinki below

We are used to parking below buildings, but this is taken to a new level in Helsinki. Below the city you find not only parking places but also tunnels and walkways, escalators and shops and restaurants. And the lonely busker enjoying the acoustics.

This is a world of its own and it made me recall Gaiman’s London below in Neverwhere.

Adventures abound below!


365days Travel

Just another sunset photo

Just another sunset photo. This one is taken at the beginning of the first journey of the year that takes me to Helsinki, Finland. There I am meeting with smart communciators who are using new media to reach people. This will be interesting.


365days Geneva

Rules for public transport on a boat, read carefully

One of the joys of public transport in Geneva are the boats that take you across the lake, enabling a quick journey from one neighborhood to another. On the way you get a different perspective on this beautiful city and have a chance to see the swans up close.

Buy a day pass and you can even spend all day on the boats.