It’s time

Keep the time, check the weather, monitor the movement. Some gadgets are more useful than others and this one is – as they say – quite handy.



The boy and the fish

The Lund Cross is a masterpiece by Salvadoran artist Christian Chavarría Ayala. It was created for the Joint Commemoration in Lund and we used it as the centerpiece of the visual identity of that event.

On Thursday the cross will be placed in the chapel of the Ecumenical Center. The photo above shows a detail of the cross: a fish, perhaps one of the two the boy presented to Jesus to feed five thousand.



A teddy bear in the making

The latest do-it-yourself project of the family is this teddy bear which was assembled with care and will only emerge after two rounds in the washing machine and some time drying.


365days Cycling Geneva

Take a walk on the wild side

What a privilege it is to cycle for a few minutes and find oneself on a gravel path just outside the city. Going through fields that are dormant now, because winter, but full of potential life.

In a few months the trees will be green, the field vibrant, the birds singing, the bees buzzing.

Then and now, a trip to the field – on two feet or two wheels – refreshes mind, senses, and nurtures appreciation for creation.


365days Family

The rise and fall of a piñata

There is something joyful and sad about a colorful piñata, filled with candy.

In the past piñatas were used for catechism, to teach about faith. They have mostly lost religious connotations and significance today, but remain popular in various celebrations.

This one definitely made the children happy.