Which came first, the pitch or the question?

Focus on them, not you:

The alternative is the elevator question, not the elevator pitch. To begin a conversation–not about you, but about the person you’re hoping to connect with. If you know who they are and what they want, it’s a lot more likely you can figure out if they’re a good fit for who you are and what you want. And you can take the opportunity to help them find what they need, especially if it’s not from you.

Seth Godin

Which comes first: simple or complicated?

Your life will always be a mix of the simple and the complicated. One choice is which takes precedence. Would you like a complicated life made out of simple things or a simple life facilitated by complicated things? Mark Boyle shares his experience of living without technology. Hint: It’s not simple.

This way of life I have now adopted is often called “the simple life,” but that’s entirely misleading. It’s actually quite complex, made up of a thousand simple things. By contrast, my old life in the city was quite simple, but made up of a thousand complex things, like smartphones and plug sockets and plastic.

Important or irrelevant?

Words of wisdom, let us not be distracted:

[T]he important things require nuance, patience and understanding. They require an understanding of goals, of the way the world works and our mutual respect.

If someone keeps coming back to an irrelevant, urgent or provocative point instead, they’re signaling that they’d rather not talk about the important thing.

Which is precisely what we need to talk about.

Seth Godin