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Between touch and tap

M.G. Siegler on the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro:

With the Magic Keyboard, I think Apple has found a nice new, if not quite middle, ground between the worlds of touch and tap. With each passing day, I feel like I’m gaining some special skills using different combinations of trackpad + touch + keyboard (with Pencil mixed in here and there).

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The instagram aesthetic?

One year later: Is the instagram aesthetic over? Taylor Lorenz wrote the original article a year ago. In hindsight, is this the case?

On a related note, Tobias Van Schneider was reflecting recently on what will replace the now-considered-dead minimalistic aesthetic. His guess: a revitalized Art Deco.


Church: Online, virtual, digital

John Dyer proposes helpful distinctions for speaking about church, face to face and online. First the tweet:

Then the blog post: What is an (online, virtual, broadcast, local) church? Some Helpful Distinctions.

As we venture into new territory, it’s good to have the distinctions clear.


Physical distancing + distant socializing

What we need to flatten the curve is physical distancing. What we need for our mental health is distant socializing. Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki explains:

We should think of this time as “physical distancing” to emphasize that we can remain socially connected even while being apart. In fact, I encourage all of us to practice “distant socializing.” Ironically, the same technologies we often blame for tearing apart our social fabric might be our best chance, now, of keeping it together. […]

FaceTime, Zoom and other tools like these are our friends right now. We know to use these tools for meetings and teaching but why stop there? In my opinion, we should also use them for much less formal interactions – digital “hanging out.” When we meet in person, we don’t expect every minute to be productive or scintillating. We kibitz, dawdle and goof off, and those “in-between moments” are vital to a sense of connection. Find ways to replicate them online.

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Visualizing physical distancing

Quite simple when you see it like this.