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Five principles while working remotely during a crisis

  1. You are working at home, not from home, during a crisis.
  2. Your personal physical, mental and emotional health is a priority
  3. Do not try to compensate for lost productivity by working longer hours
  4. Be kind to yourself and do not judge how you are coping based on how you see others coping
  5. Be kind to others and do not judge how they are coping based on how you are coping

Slightly rephrased, originally from Parks Canada via Mark Richardson.


Hacking reading

Reading is a superpower. If you’re having trouble reading, Austin Kleon has a few suggestions. One I really like: Read to your kids or to somebody else’s kids.


Which wells do we draw from?

Nick Baines:

When life and its routines are disrupted or taken away, which wells do we draw from to sustain life and meaning? While everything changes above the surface and the shape of the future is uncertain, can we locate the underground streams that keep flowing anyway?

A good reflection on what it means to be Christian.


For focus time, use focus blocks

Cameron Moll:

Focus blocks are an effective way to leverage flow at work. You can use focus blocks individually or within your team simply by blocking out times in your calendar—daily in small chunks such as an hour or a couple times a week in larger chunks two to three hours or longer. 

Intentionally blocking time for deep work is essential.

See also Shawn Blanc and team on timeblocking.


The pandemic of misinformation

Matthew Ingram:

The coronavirus has made fact-checking and filtering skills even more important, as trolls traffic in rumors about how drinking bleach or taking megadoses of vitamin C can cure the virus, or how the rollout of 5G cell network technology caused COVID-19

One tool for fighting the pandemic of misinformation is the Verification Handbook published by the European Journalism Centre. It gives an overview of problem, explains with case studies and suggests principles that can be applied.

Read Ingram’s article for even more useful links.