Brevity ≠ clarity

“The first rule of good communication is understanding that brevity, while useful, is not the same as clarity,” writes Harriet Minter in her new book WFH (Working from Home) which I’ve enjoyed reading. 

She goes on to add a definition of clarity in communication: “Clear communication is the right information given at the right time, in the right way.”

This is a useful definition. Whether the first rule of good communication is about clarity is is something we will leave for another post. 

Winter has been

The balloons probably took off at Chateau-d’Oex

Discussing the weather? Enjoying the view?
The peaks across the valley look quite magnificent.

Winter is a hike in the mountains on a day when the snow is fading. You take the path marked for snowshoes, but leave them on your backpack because there is no need. Instead you need sunscreen because the sun is indeed shining. It is warm and reminds you that spring is close and when it arrives winter has been, but is no more.