Your website is your plot. It is to be nurtured rather than managed. This is my corner where I grow what I find interesting.

I’m experimenting with the format of the site. A collection of thoughts ordered by topic rather than the order in which they were posted. Three main topics: communication, culture, church. Why? Because this is probably more interesting from the perspective of themes than the order in which I thought and wrote. 

Consider this work in progress. Thoughts begun. Thoughts finished. Thoughts in progress. Let’s see where this leads us.

Living out the POSSE principles, I am also trying to consolidate my web presence here, inspired by Matt and Patrick and others. 

I am:

  • An Icelander in Switzerland
  • A father and a husband
  • A theologian, with an interest in church and religion in the public space
  • A cyclist with an ambition to travel sustainably
  • A photographer in training challenging myself to look differently and think differently

I used to have a dog. I used to have cats. That’s it. More on arnisvanur.is.