A website is a plot, to be nurture more than managed. Welcome to my plot where I grow and share what I find interesting.

I regularly experiment with the format of the site. In its current iteration it’s a simple blog, ordered in chronological order like a Twitter timeline or Instagram feed, before the algorithms took over and started making decisions for you.

Consider this work in progress. Thoughts begun. Thoughts finished. Thoughts that might change. We’ll see where this leads us.

I am:

  • A father and a husband
  • An Icelander in Switzerland
  • A theologian, with an interest in church and religion in the public space
  • A cyclist with an ambition to travel sustainably
  • A photographer in training

I used to have a dog. I have a cat but she lives in another country. I’m more of a cat person.

The site log documents updates to how this blog looks and works.