Selecting the perfect Christmas gift

A movie can have the right message but deliver it in a way that just doesn’t work and feels kind of awkward. 12 gifts of Christmas (2015) is that kind of movie. The script includes nuggets that are just great, but there are also numerous cringeworthy scenes, that you want to look away.

The premise is good, the execution lacking. It’s not clear whether it is the script, direction or acting. Maybe a mix of all three, but the movie never flies. One problem is also how it blurs the lines between employee and love interest.

One good question the movie raised: how do you select the perfect Christmas gift?

  • Pay attention to the person receiving it
  • Be personal
  • Go for experience rather than impression

If the gift is timeless, bonus points might be awarded

“I just want the whole family to be together for Christmas” is the message of this film.

  • Seen on 26 November
  • Rating: 2 wrapped gifts