Sunday photo: The prize

A Sunday morning in September. I set off from home to ride the Tour de Canton a Gravel. A ride around the Canton of Geneva on gravel paths with a bit of singletrack thrown i the mix. I think I had seen every part of the route, but never from the perspective of the day. It was a glorious and muddy day.

A few hours later I finished the ride and had a chance to greet the other riders and enjoy a cold drink. I think everyone there had an endorphine-induced smile after hours on the bike. The ended with a tombola – a raffle with some nice prizes. The main one: a gift basket with produce from the Geneva countryside.

I listened in my broken French an dthen heard the number: Vingt-deux.

That was my number. So after a day on the bike I could bring home Geneva-delicacies to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Of course there was the challenge of getting all of this back home on the bike. But there is a reason why cycling clothes have so many pockets.