One reason to care rather than a hundred reasons to buy

Bernadette Jiwa is a queen of storytelling. I’ve been reading her book Make your idea matter which is collection of short chapters on storytelling. I find it quite inspiring for my own thinking on how to communicate ideas and organizations. In one chapter she offers six questions to spark a discussion on ”brand relevance” which is really about the essence of the stories we want to share.

  1. Who do we want to care about what we sell or do?
  2. Why would those people care about what we do or what we are selling?
  3. Why would they cross the street to buy from us?
  4. What emotional want are we fulfilling?
  5. How can we make this more about them and less about us?
  6. What will they be able to say to their friends to recommend us?

This is spot on and it is quite useful. I’m going to try it out soon.

What do you think? There is space for comments below.

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