• Sunday photo: Layers of mountains

    A winter break at Lake Lugano was just what we needed. A welcome change of scenery and – except for one day – slightly warmer weather. Add in delicious food and wonderful views and everything is perfect. This was the view to the east from our little village of Gandria. Mountains at the end of […]

  • Sunday photo: Snow, meet bokeh

    I took this photo fourteen years ago, Christmas lights in the snow. Still beautiful.

  • Sunday photo: Slow and steady

    Snow has arrived and all over Switzerland people are finding their winter hiking boots, ski poles, snowshoes, warm jackets, and getting ready for glorious winter hikes. I took this photo on a sunny day at Jaunpass. This was late winter and my snowshoes actually stayed on the backpack through the whole hike. For that reason […]

  • Lego meets life

    Flickr recently had a competition which involved Lego. Many of the entries and winners are just amazing.

  • Sunday photo: La Chia in the snow

    Last winter I discovered snowshoeing. Step by step you make your way across a landscape covered in snow. Sometimes the sun is shining and you see far, sometimes you can hardly see what’s right in front of you because the fog is so thick. Switzerland has a number of marked snowshoeing routes. This particular route […]

  • Sunday photo: A Christmas wreath with a twist

    I am married to a decoration genius who can transform mundane into magic. She knows I love cycling and during one advent in Reykjavík she created this beautiful Christmas wreath. An old bicycle wheel was put to good use as beautiful decoration on our house in Reykjavík. An expression of advent as the time when […]

  • Is your blog/website/page designed to last?

    Jeff Huang has some ideas on how to set up a website that is designed to last: So my proposal is seven unconventional guidelines in how we handle websites designed to be informative, to make them easy to maintain and preserve. The guiding intention is that the maintainer will try to keep the website up […]

  • Sunday photo: The Christmas market and its context

    COVID-19 is on the rise in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe. After a relatively stable summer and autumn, the number of new infections has increased exponentially. This means we will revert to what we have done before: distancing, masks, hygiene. Stay safe by staying away. Advent is also approaching. In Geneva is it […]

  • Don’t panic. But when do, here is some advice

    Derek Sivers shares a story and some advice about panic: I knocked on the teacher’s tank, pointed up, and went to the surface. Once above water, I ripped off my mask. The teacher came up and said, “What’s wrong?” I frantically said, “I don’t like this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t like […]

  • How would you react to someone trying to burn down your house while you’re in it?

    Neil Gaiman spoke at COP26: We need to reach people’s hearts, not just their minds. Reach the part of their hearts that believes it’s good to plant trees for our grandchildren to sit beneath. Reach hearts to make people want to change, and to react to people and organisations despoiling the planet and the climate […]

  • Trying to understand COP26?

    UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierres shared a concise summary after the climate conference wrapped up last night: “It is an important step but is not enough. We must accelerate climate action to keep alive the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees”, said António Guterres in a video statement released at the close […]

  • Sunday photo: The prize

    A Sunday morning in September. I set off from home to ride the Tour de Canton a Gravel. A ride around the Canton of Geneva on gravel paths with a bit of singletrack thrown i the mix. I think I had seen every part of the route, but never from the perspective of the day. […]