Inspiration is important but

don’t let it come between you and the act of creation.


Write first. Edit second

Thomas Kemeny:

I used to have trouble doing long copy because I’d get stuck in the structure of it, trying to land the ad perfectly from the very beginning. Logic and order come more in the editing than the writing. Treat long copy like a piece of documentary footage; you gather a bunch of content before you chop it together.


Write first. Edit second. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way.

365days Photos

366 days

Twenty twenty is a leap year so this time it’s not 365 but rather 366 days of photos. It truly is a great way to remember your year.


The lights

Lighting the tree makes a tree from the lights at night.


The images of the climate crisis

The Guardian:

[I]n its simplest form, getting the emotional tone of imagery in line with the issue is critical, rather than the visual overload of society universally having fun in the sun. We hope that if we keep having these conversations, we will be able to have even more of an impact with our climate coverage, and others will follow suit.

This one is worth revisiting.